Private Lessons



Be the leader your horse is looking for. Learn tools to create the partnership you have always dreamed of.



Respect and confidence starts from the ground up. In-hand and liberty exercises to create ease of handling and obedience. 

Unbridle Your Life


Coaching for riding and life.



Develop a  fluid connection in your dressage training. Learn to really dance with your horse.



Experience the excitement of reining. 

Trail Riding


Trail ride training is great for horse and rider confidence. Get yourself set up for success.




...All I knew, is that horses have always been there for me when I've struggled, so I knew I had to turn to  them. I had heard of you by word of mouth, I googled you and I just hoped you would be the person that would assist in my transition... Our journey started with building my confidence in the saddle. Mentally I'm happy with my riding progress, I just need my body to come up to speed with my brain lol. Since starting the Winter confidence program and listening to your explanations in why we do what we do, I feel like another door is opening. I know I have a long way to go but finding you has been a big part in my personal growth. So thank you.



Today I rode with cones & an actual plan (in the wind!!!) Who knew those two things could make such a difference. Can't thank you enough Annie & Jenelle for putting the clinic on. I've got so much out of it, and super lucky to meet such a supportive group of women. Look forward to our paths crossing again at some point. (probably at Annie's) Thanks so much to Shaw for the delicious food.



What a pleasure to have been able to meet up with such a lovely group of ladies who all have the same interest. I thank you all for being such beautiful company and I shall look forward to our journey ahead... Biggest thanks to Annie for her kindness and guidance. Thanks to Jenelle for keeping us organised and on track.... Thanks Shaw for the lovely lunches that you have dished up over the past few months.



5 stars! I was lucky enough to be part of the group that went trail riding yesterday. I was a complete nervous wreck and majorly stressed about taking my gelding up. Ended up being an absolute highlight of my riding life so far. Ran by 2 exceptional people... Everyone is friendly, encouraging and supportive. I was made to feel at ease and will definitely be coming back... Can't recommend these guys enough, and the pizza is also great!



Thanks for helping me get over my worries riding the big fellow, Dante.Never thought I'd ever be riding him at all, let alone what I accomplished today with your help, Annie. Good start to new beginnings. Thanks again.



Friendly, helpful and welcoming. As an older rider, I have learnt so much and gained confidence through my riding lessons with Annie. Thanks to you and Shaw for finding my trusty steed, Bingo, couldn't be happier. Would recommend Two Views to riders of any age.