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We are passionate about all aspects of the partnership between you and your horse.

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Custom Designed, Hand Made Saddles

Shaw Palmer creates exquisite Western and Half Breed Saddles made to you and your horse's specific requirements. From only the best quality trees, leather and hardware.


Horsewomanship Clinics and Lessons

Annie Kesterton is passionate about developing the partnership between you and your horse. Incorporating horsewomanship, Dressage, Reining and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, empowering women to create the relationship you have always dreamed of with your horse. Unbridle Your Life and your riding.


Horse Training

Following a systematic approach to foundation and performance training, Annie will ensure the right software is installed to get you and your horse on the same page. The emphasis is on horse and rider confidence, competence and performance. Give yourself a really good head start.




I am so grateful to have found Annie! She has helped me find myself again. She is gentle, kind and patient and a wonderful communicator. I have learnt so much about myself during my time with Annie. I have confidence in myself again!!! I highly recommend Annie to anyone looking, not only for "answers"to why do I do that but for the tools to implement the changes needed to live the most beautiful life. Thank you Annie!!!


I love my saddle. It fits me. It fits my horse. I had Shaw make a saddle for me after struggling with terrible back pain for nearly 12 months. My saddle was designed to meet my particular needs, specifically with a narrow twist to help alleviate unnecessary strain on my pelvis and hips. I ride a chunky horse and I am small, so having a saddle that's good for both of us was awesome. It is surprisingly light and it was also designed to not be too big as I didn't want to look like I was riding in someone else's saddle. My very lovely dressage saddle now sits in the tack room passed over every time to ride in my custom built saddle from Shaw. I love also that the stirrups are positioned the same as my dressage saddle, allowing me to maintain good riding posture. The added bonus is that Shaw personalised it with beautiful designs. It truly is a work of art.  


I recently purchased a beautiful half breed, swinging fender saddle from Shaw Palmer that he made especially for me. I was after something that would sit me in the correct position, be safe, attractive and be a great fit for both myself and my horse. (Not asking for much was I. Lol) :)

I had a work place accident 3 years ago (non-horse related) and damaged my lower spine and left hip. I was told by the Doctors and Surgeons that I should not play sport or ride horses again. It has been a slow recovery but I was determined to get back into the saddle.

I spoke with Shaw and Annie in regards to my limitations and how I needed my body to be positioned a certain way to keep pressure off my lower spine and tailbone, keep me upright and something that would really lock me in and keep me secure. I am only 5'3" and needed shorter fenders and a small seat which was no problem at all for Shaw to do. The saddle is also very light so it's easy for me to lift it onto the bigger horses and has fit every horse I have put it on so far including my young mare who has been nearly impossible to fit correctly.

There is so much choice given to design your saddle to your personal tastes and therefore a unique work of ary and possibly one of a kind which is pretty special. For me, besides the horse itself, a quality saddle is the most important investment you can make for both yourself and your horse. I absolutely love the saddle in every way and would highly recommend Shaw Pa;lmer and his expertise in saddle making, especially if you want something custom made to fit you just right or you have an injury or condition that needs special attention.

Shaw and Annie are wonderful people to deal with, the process was easy, the wquality is evident, the attention to detail supurb and the more I ride in the saddle the more I love it. Thank you Shaw for a fantastic saddle which has met all my needs and for being a big part in helping me continue to ride as safe and comfortable as possible.


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